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Economic Analysis of Whale Watching Tourism in Alaska

Analysis of the economic impacts of the state’s whale watching industry
November 19, 2020 - Analyses (non-NEPA) ,
Cover of Economic Analysis Whale Watching Tourism Alaska

Give Whales Bubble Room in Alaska

Humpback whales are commonly seen when boating in Alaska. It is important that boaters follow regional regulations and viewing best practices for the safety of humpback whales and boaters themselves.

Whale Watching and Wildlife Viewing in New England and the Mid-Atlantic

New England and the Mid-Atlantic coastlines offer the potential for exhilarating marine wildlife viewing experiences. Whether on the beach or on the water, if you see protected animals like whales, dolphins, seals, sea turtles, or Atlantic sturgeon,…

Alaska Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines and Regulations

Information on approach regulations, safe viewing practices, and more information on reducing disturbance while watching whales, sea lions, seals, dolphins, and porpoises from boats, planes, and helicopters.