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Disentangling Diverse Responses to Climate Change Among Global Marine Ecosystem Models

A study done to better understand what inter-model variation will improve…
November 15, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Assessing Likelihoods for Fitting Composition Data Within Stock Assessments, With Emphasis on Different Degrees of Process and Observation Error

Traditional fisheries stock assessments cannot appropriately account for…
November 15, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

NOAA and BOEM Minimum Recommendations for Use of Passive Acoustic Listening Systems in Offshore Wind Energy Development Monitoring and Mitigation Programs

This framework will help the United States safeguard marine resources…
October 27, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Hide ’n Seq: Direct Versus Indirect Metabarcoding of Coral Reef Cryptic Communities

Using coral reefs as a model system, here we compare how different survey…
September 14, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Fishing Trip Cost Modeling Using Generalized Linear Model and Machine Learning Methods

Despite fishing trip cost being an important element in evaluating…
September 07, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Quantifying the Accuracy of Shark Bycatch Estimations in Tuna Purse Seine Fisheries

Scientists were strategically positioned during fishing sets in order to…
September 01, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

What’s Left Before Participatory Modeling Can Fully Support Real-World Environmental Planning Processes: A Case Study Review

Despite the use of environmental participatory modeling (PM) in decision…
September 01, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Age-Specific Survival and Reproductive Rates of Mediterranean Monk Seals at the Cabo Blanco Peninsula, West Africa

Live encounter data provides the first complete set of survival rate…
August 26, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Model-Based Localization for Deep-Diving Cetaceans Using Towed Line Array Acoustic Data

A model-based localization approach is applied to account for errors not…
August 12, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,