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2022 Alaska Marine Mammal Field Work Flyer

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February 08, 2022 -

3 Things You Can Do to Support Sustainable Seafood All Year

Make these three choices to support sustainable seafood in Hawai‘i, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam.
November 09, 2021 -

A Cat-Borne Threat to Monk Seals

Hawaiian monk seals and toxoplasmosis—infographic and frequently asked questions.
November 20, 2019 -

A Day in the Life of a Wild Spinner Dolphin Poster

An educational poster illustrating the daytime resting and nighttime feeding activities of a Hawaiian spinner dolphin.
February 14, 2022 -
A day in the life of the Hawaiian spinner dolphin poster

A History of Federal Marine Fisheries Research in Alaska

An eBook presenting historical timelines and accounts highlighting many key events and subjects that have shaped the evolution of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center as well as fisheries research in Alaska.
February 25, 2019 -

A Rule of Thumb for Viewing Hawaiian Monk Seals

Enjoying Hawaiian monk seals from a distance is easy with this simple rule of thumb!
October 06, 2021 -

Acoustic Studies Sound Board Of Marine Mammals In Alaska

This resource features passive acoustic sound clips of many amazing marine mammals that can be found in Alaska waters.
February 22, 2018 -

Alaska Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Fact Sheet

A fact sheet about essential fish habitat in Alaska.
January 28, 2021 -

Alaska Fisheries Science Center 2016 Year In Review

Interactive media, video and document resources providing a review of Alaska Fisheries Science Center achievements in 2016.
September 30, 2021 -