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NOAA Veterans Corps Progress By The Numbers, 2021

NOAA’s Veterans Corps partnerships are building on 9 years of growth, supporting habitat and fisheries restoration projects on the West Coast.
November 10, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Two people in shallow water with waders on. One is checking devices in the water, one is writing on a clipboard. Veteran Jonathan Hallenbeck and staff from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife monitoring invasive crabs at an oyster farm in Drayton Harbor. Credit: Northwest Straits Commission

Restoring Habitat to Support Coastal Communities: A Look Back at the Recovery Act—Part 1

Habitat restoration projects funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 brought jobs, recreation, and other socioeconomic benefits to coastal communities around the country.
May 24, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Volunteers standing along the shoreline and passing bags of oysters down the line to help construct a living shoreline Volunteers help construct a living shoreline near Daniel Island Trail in Charleston, South Carolina. Credit: City of Charleston.

Native American Veteran Intern to Begin Work Restoring Washington’s Puget Sound

Through a NOAA Veterans Corps internship, Air Force veteran Tillie Smith will begin a new journey restoring habitat and resources in Puget Sound, and gaining scientific experience to build a career in natural resources.
March 09, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Tillie Smith kneeling in a patch of vegetation Photo courtesy of Tillie Smith.

NOAA Veterans Corps: Progress By The Numbers

NOAA’s Veterans Corps partnerships are building on 8 years of growth, supporting habitat and fisheries restoration projects on the west coast.
November 10, 2020 - Feature Story ,
Three veterans corps participants pose in snorkeling gear after monitoring a stream restoration project. Ryan Shorrow (left) and his veterans corps cohort wrap up in-water snorkeling work, monitoring habitat, with a smile.

Celebrating Veterans Serving in Habitat Conservation

Join us in celebrating Veterans Day and learn more about NOAA's vet corps partnerships employing veterans in the habitat restoration economy.

From The Air Force to Fisheries, a Former NOAA Veteran Intern’s Career Path in Science

Barney Boyer, former Air Force engineer, and our first veteran intern in Washington, leveraged the internship to earn a graduate degree, then landed at a Michigan environmental agency where he’s keeping the state’s waters clean for fish and communities.
September 25, 2020 - Feature Story ,
Two scientists stand in a stream, next to water quality testing equipment under the surface. Former NOAA veteran intern Barney Boyer (left) out in the field with a colleague deploying water quality testing equipment. Image: Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Training Builds on Growing Popularity of Kelp Farming

New Sea Grant and NOAA Fisheries course takes veterans on deep dive into seaweed.
May 13, 2020 - Feature Story ,

Engaging Veterans and Conservation Corps to Restore Fisheries and Habitats

NOAA and partners provide job training for young people and veterans through hands-on work experience in on-the-ground restoration and science projects.
TNC18005_170403_1302.jpg Members of the GulfCorps create a living shoreline that will be come a home to oysters and other water creatures in Mississippi.

Explore NOAA’s Veteran and Conservation Corps Programs

Veteran and corps programs are enhancing workforce development and opportunities for higher education in the natural resources field, while restoring coastal habitat to support healthy fisheries, fishing communities, and NOAA trust resources.
March 18, 2020 - Feature Story ,