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Seafood Expo North America 2022

Seafood Expo North America is a leading trade event for all sectors of the seafood industry. The Expo will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from March 13-15, 2022. Visit us at Booth #181.
March 02, 2022 - Feature Story ,
A variety of seafood on a bed of ice.

Fall in Love with New Seafood This Year

Take a chance and meet some new flavors.
February 17, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Table with fish and shellfish dishes Fish and shellfish dishes. Credit: iStock

Connecting Fishermen to Food Banks in a Time of Need

Innovative partnerships help fishermen and seafood farmers share the bounty of the sea with those who have less.
November 22, 2021 - Feature Story ,
1280x800-northeast-fishermen.jpg Fisherman. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

Swap In Surf for Turf to Add More Seafood to Your Diet

For a healthier diet, substitute seafood for the conventional proteins in classic American fare.
October 29, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Salmon and egg breakfast tacos. Salmon and egg breakfast tacos are a delicious seafood swap for any time of day! Photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood.

7 Ways to Celebrate National Seafood Month

When it comes to sustainable seafood, we have a lot to celebrate in the United States.
October 13, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Shrimp, scallop, and fish dish Shrimp, scallops, mussels, and white fish. Photo credit: iStock

Buy Local: Building Our Local Seafood Economies and Promoting Local Seafood

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Janet Coit provides her perspective on National Seafood Month and the critical role the U.S. seafood sector plays in our lives and the economy.
October 04, 2021 - Leadership Message ,
Six grilled Hog Island oysters drizzled in barbecue chipotle butter, on a serving dish with two small forks. Grilled oysters with BBQ chipotle butter. Credit: Hog Island Oyster Co.

Celebrate National Seafood Month 2021

The United States is recognized as a global leader in sustainable seafood for both wild-caught and farmed species. Join us for National Seafood Month and get inspired by savory seafood along the way.
October 01, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Table with fish and shellfish dishes Table full of fish and shellfish dishes. Credit: iStock.

Fire Up the Grill and Eat Seafood, America!

From swordfish steaks to shrimp on the barbie, grilling offers versatile options for seafood dishes.
July 14, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Mahi mahi filets on a grill. Grilled mahi mahi. Credit: Shutterstock.