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Ocean Indicators Summary for 2021

Summary of ocean ecosystem indicators used to characterize juvenile marine salmon survival in the Northern California Current.

Climate Extreme Intensifies Conflict Between People and Whales

New research aims to find win-win solutions to reduce whale entanglements…
November 29, 2021 - Feature Story ,

Study Finds Growing Potential for Toxic Algal Blooms in the Alaskan Arctic

A warming Arctic presents potential new threats to humans and marine…
October 04, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Threee people on a deck of a ship are deploying equipment over the side into the ocean.

Using Global-Scale Earth System Models for Regional Fisheries Applications

This review provides a brief overview of some of the prominent differences…
August 26, 2021 - Peer-Reviewed Research ,

Outreach for Climate Change Scenario Planning

Over the next year, scenario planning organizations, guided by the Northeast Regional Coordinating Council, will bring together fishery participants, fishery managers, researchers, and other stakeholders to discuss climate change issues.

The Effects of Climate Change on Sharks

Research into the effects of climate change on fish species and finding…
July 26, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Schooling hammerhead sharks Schooling hammerhead sharks. Credit: iStock.

Low-Oxygen Waters Off Washington, Oregon Coasts Risk Becoming Large “Dead Zones”

Oceanic measurements collected during a scientific cruise on NOAA ship…
July 23, 2021 - Feature Story ,
The NOAA ship Ronald H. Brown is currently sampling waters off the western U.S. during the 2021 West Coast Ocean Acidification Cruise.