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Seafood Nutrition Partnership Builds Seafood Accessibility and Community Health

Through initiatives such as "Eat Seafood, America!", the Seafood Nutrition Partnership works to increase awareness of the health benefits of seafood.
October 28, 2021 - Feature Story ,
A plate of cooked salmon with quinoa and squash, along with the text "Eat Seafood America! Healthier & Happier with Seafood."

Buy Local: Building Our Local Seafood Economies and Promoting Local Seafood

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Janet Coit provides her perspective on National Seafood Month and the critical role the U.S. seafood sector plays in our lives and the economy.
October 04, 2021 - Leadership Message ,
Six grilled Hog Island oysters drizzled in barbecue chipotle butter, on a serving dish with two small forks. Grilled oysters with BBQ chipotle butter. Credit: Hog Island Oyster Co.

Celebrate National Seafood Month 2021

The United States is recognized as a global leader in sustainable seafood for both wild-caught and farmed species. Join us for National Seafood Month and get inspired by savory seafood along the way.
October 01, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Table with fish and shellfish dishes Table full of fish and shellfish dishes. Credit: iStock.

Office of Aquaculture Updates State Aquaculture Regulatory Inventory Resources

Aquaculture permitting reports document seaweed, finfish, and shellfish regulations in state waters.
September 30, 2021 - Feature Story ,
A collage showing photos of seaweed, finfish, and shellfish aquaculture.

Join NOAA Fisheries and Our Partners to Celebrate Aquaculture Week

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Janet Coit provides her perspective on advancing sustainable aquaculture in the U.S.
September 27, 2021 - Leadership Message ,
Oysters A researcher travels to deploy underwater video cameras to assess the ecological role and potential habitat benefits of a shellfish farm in Washington State.