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Pacific Islands Permit Holders

A monthly update of the current fishing permit holders for federally managed fisheries in the Pacific Islands.

Foreign EEZ Form

Information required for U.S. vessels used for commercial fishing for highly migratory species in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Convention Area in areas under the jurisdiction of any nation other than the United States.  Owners or oper
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American Samoa Longline Limited Entry Permit

Commercial fishing permit in the American Samoa EEZ for pelagic longline fishing.
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Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Commercial Compliance Guide

This guide provides a plain language summary of how to comply with commercial highly migratory species regulations for Atlantic tunas, swordfish, sharks, and billfishes.
November 12, 2021 -

Western Pacific Pelagic Squid Jig Permit

This permit is required by anyone using a vessel longer than 50 feet to fish for three species of pelagic squids with squid jig gear in the EEZs around American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Hawaii, and the Pacific Remote Island Areas. The specie
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Western Pacific Crustaceans Permit for Lobster or Deepwater Shrimp

A permit is required by the owner of a U.S. fishing vessel used to fish for lobster or deepwater shrimp in the EEZ around American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, and the Pacific Remote Islands Areas. The permit expires 1 year after.
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Western and Central Pacific Commission Area Endorsement

A valid Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Area Endorsement is required for any fishing vessel of the United States used for commercial fishing for highly migratory species on the high seas in the WCPFC Convention Area.
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Hawaiʻi Longline Limited Entry Permit

A valid Hawaiʻi longline limited entry permit is required for anyone using longline gear to fish for pelagic species within the exclusive economic zone around Hawaiʻi or anyone landing or transshipping longline catch in Hawaiʻi or within the EEZ around Hawaiʻi.
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U.S. Fishing and Seafood Industries Saw Broad Declines Last Summer Due to COVID-19

New analysis by NOAA Fisheries provides insights into the pandemic’s early economic impact.
Fishing nets at harbor

Science Leading to Recovery and Delisting of Puget Sound Rockfish

Using genetics, experimental fieldwork and computer modeling to determine whether rockfish species meet criteria and recovery goals of Endangered Species Act.