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Flame: Juneau, Alaska’s Wildlife Superstar

Whale Week highlights a local favorite among whale watchers and the scientific community.
February 18, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Flame, SEAK #1538, taken near Juneau, Alaska in 2007. NOAA Permit 14245) Flame, SEAK #1538, taken near Juneau, Alaska in 2007. NOAA Permit 14245)

Market Squid Multiply in Warming Alaska Waters

The species that supports California’s most valuable commercial fishery may be moving north into subarctic seas.
January 31, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Market squid at NOAA Fisheries Little Port Walter Research Station, Southeast Alaska Market squid at NOAA Fisheries Little Port Walter Research Station, Southeast Alaska. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/John Eiler

NOAA Fisheries Denies Request for Emergency Action on Bering Sea Salmon Bycatch

Petition did not meet three criteria necessary for emergency rule.
January 25, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Juvenile Chinook salmon. Juvenile Chinook salmon.

NOAA Releases 2021 Ecosystem Status Reports for the Eastern Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, and Aleutian Islands

These reports are a compilation of inputs from our own research and the work of many contributors from fishing, coastal and Alaska Native communities, academic institutions, the State of Alaska and other federal agencies.
December 20, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Title of "Alaska's Ecosystem Status Report: a collaborative approach to inform fisheries management" over a map of Alaska

New Supervisors to Lead Survey Teams  Monitoring Bottom-Dwelling Fish and Crabs

NOAA Fisheries is pleased to announce the selection of two new supervisors for its Alaska bottom trawl surveys.
December 15, 2021 - Feature Story ,
two individual work on a trawling survey by moving nets off the back of a vessel as it moves through the water.

New Approach To Evaluate Fish Stock Productivity Under Changing Climate Conditions

Scientists see an overall decline in Pacific cod and pollock productivity in the Gulf of Alaska as compared to recent decades.
December 14, 2021 - Feature Story ,
fishing boats, dutch harbor, Alaska and fog

Surprising Findings In Genetic Study About Pacific Cod In Gulf Of Alaska

Scientists find strong evidence that adaptation to their local environment could potentially make some Pacific cod stocks more vulnerable to Climate Change than others.
December 01, 2021 - Feature Story ,
scientist on research vessel holding a Pacific cod

Beluga Whale Sounds Aid Scientific Understanding Of When Whales Are Hunting Prey

New information may help with recovery efforts for endangered Cook Inlet belugas.
November 30, 2021 - Feature Story ,
man in boat using equipment to listen for beluga whales in Cook Inlet, Alaska

Signs of Hope for the World’s Most Endangered Great Whale Population

Discovery of a juvenile—named “Phoenix”—renews hope for survival of the critically endangered eastern North Pacific right whale population.
November 29, 2021 - Feature Story ,
Photo of a North Pacific right whale at the surface. North Pacific right whale. Credit: International Whaling Commission.