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Video: Lose the Rope, Give Whales Hope

NOAA Fisheries is developing ropeless fishing gear to help prevent marine mammal entanglement off the coast of New England.
February 18, 2022 - Video ,
Ericbuoyless.jpg A Northeast Fisheries Science Center biologist collecting data during buoyless lobster trap tests.

Podcast: Checking In on Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales

Learn the latest on endangered Southern Resident killer whales with Dr. Megan Wallen, a marine mammal specialist in NOAA Fisheries West Coast Protected Resources Division.
February 14, 2022 - Podcast ,
 Southern Resident killer whales encountered during NOAA's PODs (Pacific Orcinus Distribution Survey) in October 2021 Southern Resident killer whales encountered during NOAA's PODs (Pacific Orcinus Distribution Survey) in October 2021 near the west end of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Entangled Humpback Whale Response, January 2022

A NOAA-led team works to free an entangled humpback whale first reported off KauaŹ»i on January 16, 2022.
January 21, 2022 - Photo Gallery ,
NOAA scientist sight tracking with a Very High Frequency line attached to a entangled humpback whale.

Species in the Spotlight: Saving the Most Endangered Marine Animals

Watch and learn about the progress the Species in the Spotlight initiative has made in the last 5 years.
September 22, 2020 - Video ,
Leatherback hatchlings on a beach.

Saving a Humpback Whale: A Disentanglement Tale

A rescue team successfully disentangled the humpback whale in late July, removing nearly 4,000 pounds of fishing gear.
August 26, 2020 - Video ,
Crew on zodiac attempting to dinentagle a humpback whale off the coast of New York

Searching for Type D: A New Species of Killer Whale?

In January, 2019, an experienced group of killer whale biologists launched an expedition from the southern tip of Chile into some of the roughest waters in the world, searching for what could be a new species of killer whale.
February 10, 2020 - Video ,
Killer whale pod at sea

Humpback Whale Disentanglements in Alaska

Watch this video to get a closer look at whale disentanglement efforts in Alaska.
February 16, 2019 - Video ,

The Right Stuff: Regulations for Right Whales

Watch our video to learn more about regulations in place for right whales.
February 14, 2019 - Video ,
North Atlantic right whale diving.

Teaming Up for Entangled Whales

Watch this video to learn how we work to help disentangle whales across the country.
February 12, 2019 - Video ,
Entangled whale and rescue crew as seen from above.